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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Opus III & Friends, Sweden

Opus III & Friends - s/t. 1970 Sonet.

Here's another rare one sent in by The Alaskan Connection, that was on my curiosity for a couple of years.

What strikes me most about Opus III & Friends is how much it reminds me of an American album circa 1970 as found on labels like Paramount, Rare Earth and ABC. It actually sounds like a horn rock album - without the horns. But the compositions have that similar flavor about it. It's clearly a post psych release and many elements of that genre are present, most fortuitously on a couple of the guitar solos spread throughout. The instrumentals go for a quiet introspective electric guitar trio sound. This is definitely not the Sweden of Parsson Sound, International Harvester and Flasket Brinner. Not much is unfortunately.

A good album though, and worth hearing.

Priority: none

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