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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Genre, USA

Genre - Commercial Success. 1978 Black Gold.

Now here's one that was buried deep in my LP collection. I first discovered this one while on a record buying trip in 1992 to Albuquerque with my old buddy Jeff. At one store there was a pile of sealed local albums, almost all of them pop or country. But this fusion album looked like it was worth taking a chance on - so we did. One reason is that we were both looking for the hard rock Message "It'll Be Awhile" album (also on Black Gold) that Jeff had received a tip on (we later found one at a different store). Neither of us regretted the choice on picking up the Genre album.

Lead by the guitarist - a slightly chunky black dude with a cool fro - named L.A. Jenkins, Genre play a fairly typical late 70's fusion with toned down guitar leads and Rhodes piano as the lead instruments. While Side 1 isn't particularly noteworthy, Side 2 opens with the excellent 'All Mixed Up' where Jenkins lets loose with a more psychedelic tone to the guitar. And this continues throughout the side, though the standard fusion motif is never strayed from too far.

Features a cool textured cover. Not the greatest fusion album ever, but I have fond memories of it. And I think many of you would enjoy - especially the fusion heads out there.

Priority: 3

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