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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Akropolis, Denmark

Akropolis - Half A Million Hours Symphony. 1979 Circle.

What says PROG like that cover, eh? The dude in the white overalls gives me nightmares. Was he auditioning for The Village People before the photo shoot?

This is one that Midwest Mike sent in, but I put it off thinking perhaps he lost his mind. He swore it was much better than it looked. And, as usual, he was right.

In fact, while listening to it, I began to question if Denmark had cities named Toledo, Detroit, Kansas City, Columbus and Ft.Wayne. Blindfold me, tell me nothing else, and I say 1978 Midwest progressive rock. You know, it's just got that sound. The one where St. Louis college aged students, who've been drinking a case of Falstaff and listening to KSHE past midnight - decide to start a band. One of those albums that makes no sense, but it's really good for fans of American progressive rock. Seriously, file next to Albatross, Ethos and Surprise.

If someone does the reissue, one would hope for a redesigned album cover. I'm sure there is a story behind it. At least I HOPE there is a story behind it. Otherwise...

Priority: 2

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