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Friday, January 21, 2011

Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko., Austria

Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko. - 00 Time. 1984 Synoptik.

We're going to take another break from my LP collection and take a look at a few albums that The Alaskan Connection sent me, including this one. Following this, I have a big stack that Midwest Mike just flew in. Lots to review here!

Regular readers of the CDRWL know that I'm quite fond of the Berlin School of sequencer based electronic music. And that's where Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko. fits in perfectly. In fact, this is version 2.0 of Cultural Noise, an LP from my collection that we fawned over way back when. This isn't that dissimilar from Cultural Noise, though it's clearly moving away from the Tangerine Dream influence, and adding an overall darker mood. Mellotron, guitar and sequencers are all present, especially early on. It begins to deconstruct towards the end, making it sound more like an early Klaus Schulze effort (think Cyborg). Really a fine effort and a must hear for EM fans.

The cover scans are from an ebay auction that I narrowly missed winning. So I'm very grateful to the AC for the quick followup so I can finally hear it. The surreal front and back cover accurately depicts the contents within. (And I did eventually win another auction!)

Priority: 2


dripdrip said...

Hi Tom,

I need to check what my vinyl copy says about it, but I believe that the cover artist might just well have been HR Giger, famous for his Island "Pictures", Shiver "Walpurgis" and ELP "Brain Salad Surgery" sleeves. Otherwise, it's definitely one of his followers.

Totally agree with what you wrote about the album - I too have been outbid on it on eBay, but later got it in Vienna for 5 EUR or something like that. Guess it's not yet a coveted collector's treasure, although I'm sure it's destined to become one at some point even despite the later date.


Tom said...

Haha - yes, I could see this being the type of album one stumbles on for less than $10. Right place and the right time! Thanks Lev for the comment.