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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hausmusik, Germany

Hausmusik - Ear Mail. 1980 Transmitter. Cassette only release

Fascinating album that is a fusion of Eastern music, jazz and rock. Though not the best recording and there are plenty of improvisations that could have used a nice editing, it's still a good listen. Features an all-star lineup of Ingo Bischof (Karthago, Guru Guru, Kraan), Butze Fischer (Embryo, Missus Beastly, Moira, Guru Guru), Roland Schaeffer (Fashion Pink, Brainstrom, Guru Guru), Gerald Luciano (Guru Guru, Embryo), and Jan Fride (Kraan, Guru Guru). So it appears Guru Guru is the glue on this one. Musically ties closest to the Embryo offshoot group Sadja, though this one has more rock elements. Today, this would probably be released on CD-R, so the 1980 equivalent was the cassette, considered a more inferior medium from back then (and I think that still holds true).

Thanks once again goes to The Alaskan Connection.

Priority: none

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