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Monday, January 10, 2011

Quasar, Australia

Quasar - Nebular Trajectory. 1979 ACR (Australian Creative Recording).
Quasar - Man Coda. 1981 Aija (custom pressed by EMI - compositions are from 1975-1980).

Here's a couple of albums I picked up in the early 2000s on ebay. I wasn't even aware of their existence until then. My recollection was these were space rock albums. In revisiting these LPs in succession, it's obvious that's not the case at all.

In reality they are a fusion band with spacious avant-garde textures highlighted by Frippian sustained guitar leads and plenty of fuzz bass. So a combination of Mahavishnu Orchestra and Starless era King Crimson. And at that point, it hit me who these guys remind me of: SBB! Especially around the time of "Nowy Horizont". And when you hear the lengthy fuzz bass solo, that solidifies the comparison - especially when you consider the debut by SBB. "Man Coda" is a bit looser in structure, following on from the title track of "Nebular Trajectory" which closed that album. As such, it's not quite as excellent as the debut, but both are still highly recommended. A natural choice for Vicious Sloth to reissue on CD.

Priority: 2

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