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Monday, January 24, 2011

News: Shadow Kingdom releases Cassle CD

This one is definitely on the margins of what we typically cover here, but the description is highly appealing to me. The late 70s and early 80s were an exciting time for hard rock and early experiments with heavy metal. And there were a few bands from then that stretched the norms of the style (Rush being a major influence on this point), like Manilla Road, Sacred Blade, Savatage and even the more known groups like Iron Maiden. Shadow Kingdom is the label behind the archival Manilla Road "After Midnight Live" (1979 recordings) released last year that I didn't feature, but probably should have.

I've attached the original EP "Midnight Fantasy (Shape)" (top photo) as well as the new CD cover. I haven't heard any of their material. The below description comes from Shiny Beast:

"Formed in the late '70s its not a surprise that Cassle has inherited those influences, in particular Deep Purple, Rush, and Judas Priest. Also since their original EP wasn't released until 1983, they definitely have a lot of Iron Maiden and Saxon in their sound as well. I don't think Id call Cassle a metal band though (even though their pictures look like they are). They are probably more of a Progressive Rock band with '80s metal influences. This is some unique music, very off-beat, dreamy, and moody with strange vocals. Their career was very short lived and some of the unreleased songs on here are arguably just as strong as the original EP if not better. This is basically a collection of all their essential material with an nice thick booklet for your enjoyment."

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