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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Schaggi Badsch, Germany

Schäggi Bädsch - Plankton. 1983 Schneeball.

A perfect fit for the Schneeball label, as elements of label founders Embryo and Missus Beastly both can be found. There's a trace of the ethnicity that the former brings, with a certain jazz rock abandon of the latter. Perhaps ties closest to Embryo's "Zack Gluck" or maybe even the post Out of Focus group Kontrast. Funny enough, I even caught a glimpse of those wacky Italian progressive rockers Delirium, circa their brilliant second album. Unfortunately they dedicated their longest song to an aimless improvisation, calling out Henry Cow at their worst. Pull that track back some, and add some bonus tracks, and you have a monster CD.

Thanks to the Alaskan Connection for filling this long time curiosity for me! And to Gnosis member Lev for recommending it to me years ago!

Priority: 3

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