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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Plebb, Sweden

Plebb - Yes It Isn't It. 1979 private

And we continue with the CD-R revisit project.

Plebb are in essence a hard rock band with that patented twin guitar attack. They offer a smorgasbord of musical styles presenting the instrumental palette of two guitars, bass, and drums. With "Yes It Isn't It" you will hear reggae influenced hard rock ('Reaggie IIb'); Brilliantly intense dual guitar jamming like the Dutch group Cargo ('Push Box'); Hard rock party music ('Rockaria'); Early riffing metal with nice melodic leads ('Tankar om Natten'); Heavy rock balladry / proto Power Pop like early 80's Scorpions ('Förflutet'); Instrumental dual acoustic guitar ('Psst'); And proggy hard rock ('Fresh Fish'). Some of the lead electric guitar work presented here is truly sublime. Swedish vocals add an exotic touch, for us English speakers anyway. 'Push Box' and 'Tankar Om Natten" are the highlights for sure. This album has grown on me over time.

Priority: 3


Tommy Gustavsson said...

The Plebb album is going to be rereleased on digital media during Christmas (2013). Check your download or streaming provider.

Purple Peak Records said...

Thank you Tommy for letting us know! We will leave it on the list until it is reissued on CD, though.