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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pulse, USA

Pulse - s/t. 1968 Poison Ring. Also 1969 Major Minor (UK)

Next from the CD-R revisit pile:

Pulse are a heavy blues rock band from New Haven, Connecticut. I particularly enjoy the heavy tone coming from the guitar and the appropriate-for-the-genre gruff voice. There's quite a bit of harmonica to sit through, which is unfortunately one of my least favorite instruments. For the style, Pulse is a cut above the norm. Some of the tracks are lengthy and as such, they’ll throw in a creative idea or two with respect to composition and instrumentation. Still, in the end, nothing to get overly excited about. A classic period piece.

Priority: none


Bill Majeska said...

Harmonicas are great in rock music!

Purple Peak Records said...

Love your enthusiasm! I can handle it at times, depending on the mood of the track. But as a main instrument, I find it's better for straight blues. Just not my sound, I'm afraid. But I have to admit the theme to the Rockford Files wouldn't be the same without it!