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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Purple Image, USA

Purple Image - s/t. 1970 Map City

OK, back to the CD-R revisit project (see the John Bassman Group entry below for a quick explanation). I have a few of these ready to go. Let's see how many I can get out this week.

Purple Image's sole work is nominally a hard rock album with touches of Motown soul pop, which primarily surface via the harmony vocals (especially on 'We Got to Pull Together'). Some good psychedelic guitar and studio phasing are evenly spread throughout the LP. From the ghettos of Cleveland. In comparison to similar bands from that background, Purple Image are not as intense as Philadelphia's Del Jones' Positive Vibes nor "Maggot Brain" era Funkadelic (Detroit). All the same, a worthy listen if you can track a copy down. Bootlegs exist on both LP and CD, but nothing legitimate has surfaced to date.

Priority: none

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