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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Patchwork, France

Patchwork - Ouvertures. 1978 Cobra

So before I start on Patchwork, be sure to check back tomorrow as we have a major new discovery from The AC. And from a country we all thought was exhausted: Italy. Given my current work schedule, I'll need to take care of that after I post this...

OK, so perhaps this post is just an excuse to make the above announcement. Patchwork would have been part of the CD-R revisit project, but I recently had a chance to source the original LP cheap, so here we are. I can remember first hearing about this album in the 1980s, since it was on the much desired Cobra label. And I was already a huge Heldon fan by then, and I'm sure everything on the label is similar right? Fortunately for me, I never did run into the album back then, or I would have been sorely disappointed. Heavyrock played this for me a few years ago, and that was the source of my original CDRWL entry. But I never did feature it.

Having said all of that, Patchwork is still a fine album in its own right. As long as your expectations are in check, and you're not looking for experimental musique, then I think it will all work out. Basically Patchwork is a light and breezy fusion album with sax and flute taking the lead role. There's some of the era's expected funk as well. To be honest, Patchwork could be considered a proto-smooth jazz group. Still, the high melodic content makes this one well worthwhile. I find it pleasant, and could see those into rare groove swooning for it.

Priority: 3

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