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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yesterday's Children, USA

Yesterday's Children - s/t. 1970 Map City

This title came up in a cross reference, looked intriguing, and off I went to buy a copy. Uh-oh, nothing but gray water on this one. And sure enough, YouTube has the album in full to check out. So I did.

Yesterday's Children were a band from Connecticut, who play a mix of hard blues rock and heavy psych. Very consistent of the type of album that came out of the 1970 cultural transition year in America. Final track 'Hunter's Moon' is an absolute killer, predating the metal movement by a decade. Yet one more American band from this era that was one and done. On the Map City label, perhaps most known amongst collectors for the equally obscure Purple Image. I think Yogi Berra might have appreciated that last sentence.

Priority: 3

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