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Monday, June 22, 2015

InnerVisions, USA

InnerVisions - Beginnings End. 1977 Visions Ltd.

Here's a title I pulled out from the depths of the main CDRWL list. It came up recently during the CD-R revisit project, and I think it's worthy of its own post.

Innervisions were an 8 piece horn rock band from New Jersey and perhaps the most surprising aspect of this release is the recording date. This kind of record was waaaaaaaaaaaay past its shelf life in 1977. It sounds more like 1972 era Chicago than anything coming around this late. Ultimately, this is AM radio Billboard styled pop. But it's still mixed with that wonderful and aggressive Terry Kath like raw guitar and a few complex horn charts. The pop is really a bit too saccharine to highly recommend to progressive and underground rock fans, though it is a pleasant listen if in the right frame of mind. Overall a strange anachronistic album with a very cool private looking cover. 

Priority: none

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