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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

News: Lion to release Laurence Vanay's mythical 4th and 5th albums in the Fall! + Many other announcements (Wapassou+)

We just heard from Vincent at Lion and he shared the great news. These two* La Petite Fenêtre and Les Soleils de la Vie have been on their Coming Soon list for some time, but now it has become reality. As you all know, we're big fans of Vanay, and I just hope these latter albums are at (or near) the same level as the breathtaking Galaxies or Evening Colours. Obviously we haven't heard them to date, but this will be for certain one of our most anticipated albums of the year. They will be reissued on both CD and LP and each album will feature many bonus tracks. I don't have covers to share at this point, but will post them as soon as I can.

*It can be argued that these are the 3rd and 4th albums, as many discount Magic Slows as a true Vanay album.


In addition to these two albums, Lion will also issue a double LP version of Galaxies. The second LP will include one side of the Glaciers Interdits soundtrack (which we have also not heard) plus alternate takes (CD bonus tracks) on the other side. Sounds like a worthy purchase!


One other major announcement is that Lion will be reissuing the first Wapassou album on LP and CD. And Vincent says this is the best sounding version for certain! If you've read my UMR blog, I've waxed on about how great this album is. I already own two CDs (Musea & Belle Antique) and one LP (Omega Studios). I think I'll add one more LP to that stack!


There is also plenty more coming out from the Lion camp, much of it falling on, our outside, the margins of the CDRWL, but noteworthy all the same - especially for psychedelic fans. Some of these are out already, some are on the way:

July - Second of July. Digipak CD + 12 page booklet. These are the demos of the legendary July album (pre Jade Warrior).

Nihilist Spasm Band. CD + 32 page booklet. Free improv from Canada circa 1968.

Tin House - s/t. LP + EP.

Wilson McKinley - Spirit of Elijah. LP
Wilson McKinley - Heaven's Going to be a Blast. LP

Ray Pierle (McKay) - Time and Money + Rhythm of the Highway. Both albums on one CD.

Michael Angelo - s/t + Sorcerer's Dream + Nuts (as Michael Nitro). 2 CD set of all 3 albums. +28 page booklet. All for the price of one CD!


Wow! We're fortunate there are still reissue labels like Lion fighting the good fight. Please support them when and where you can!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's some good news! I was pretty annoyed years ago when I bought the Musea reissue of the first Wapassou album, as they made no effort to clean up the crackle and pop. Weird that many of their cds sound great, others it's like they just don't care!