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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blister Chap, Germany

Blister Chap - Goin' In. 1977 Help (Brutkasten).
Blister Chap - Sweet Lilian. 1980 Brutkasten.

Here's part 4 of our series. "Sweet Lilian" is the 3rd and final of the German albums sent in by MM. I haven't heard the debut, but I've been told it's the very first recording for the famous Brutkasten label, though apparently they went by Help originally.

With a moniker of Blister Chap, and a cover that features the male-fantasy-overload of a nice pair of gams* in fishnets holding a half-lit cigarette, one shouldn't expect much more than a good time rock-n-roller right? Well, no, not exactly. Blister Chap surprises everyone here with a sophisticated blend of American styled hard rock, AOR and 70s progressive rock. Lots of clavinet as well for gear heads. Even more complex than a similar band - say Canada's Saga - which is bizarre on first sight. Released on the do-it-yourselfer Brutkasten label - and about par for the course for the imprint. You never know what you're going to get, and this one is quite good honestly. Not Krautrock mind you, defying their heritage, but if this were from the UK, then collectors would have more to crow about I think. File next to the Desiree "Make it With a Smile" album.

Priority: 3

 * - It's long been a goal of mine to put the phrase "nice pair of gams" into the CDRWL. I can scratch that one off the bucket list...

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