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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hammer, USA

Hammer - s/t. 1970 San Francisco / Atlantic.

Another one from the archives. This one is pretty unremarkable save one fascinating track. Read on...

Like almost all major label US albums from 1970, San Francisco based Hammer is a completely hit and miss affair - mainly miss in this case. It's mostly blues and soul based good time rock n roll, with some heavy organ and guitar sprinkled throughout to keep it somewhat interesting. However, there are two gems here that must be heard. One is the fantastic 'Tuane', an obvious nod to fellow Bay Area stars Santana. The wordless vocals adding a unique flavor to the ripping guitar work and jazzy rhythms. But the real eye-opener has to be the closer 'Death to a King'. This composition's main melody and piano runs are almost exactly like Banco del Mutuo Succorso's 'Metamorfosi' from their 1972 debut! Could have Banco del Mutuo Succorso known of this obscure band known as Hammer? Naw, couldn't be... Right? Nooo.... ????????

Priority: none

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