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Monday, October 7, 2013

Birth of a New Place (various artists), Germany

V.A. - Birth of a New Place. 1978 Offers Musik.

Here's another one I saw on ebay earlier in the year, and subsequently added it to my Curiosity list (yes, that would be the root list for the CDRWL). But before I could even push it out there to my most knowledgeable friends, The AC had this embedded into his latest submission pile. Cool!

Let's start off with The AC's thoughts: "Very obscure split album/compilation of three unknown German groups. All three (Sloe Gin, Flintsprint and Pythagoras) sort of play in the same style, which could basically be described as laid-back, mainly instrumental, jamming jazzy prog. Pretty good stuff, especially Sloe Gin. Too bad none of them ever released an LP." 

The first two tracks are from Sloe Gin, and I thought they were nothing short of amazing. A real Canterbury vibe exists throughout, with wonderful flute and fuzz guitar soloing. Good soft affected English vocals on the second track as well. This is one of those bands you hope that Garden of Delights or Long Hair would find some obscure archival radio session to release. Reminds me of some of those great bands you'd find on the Umsonst and Draussen albums. Both Flintsprint and Pythagoras have a similar sound, but definitely have less compositional acumen, nor do they possess the instrumental palette of Sloe Gin. The latter in particular sounds like a rhythm track awaiting some front line soloist to jam on top of. Flintsprint sounds like they were about 6 months away from having some significant material (their first track on here is quite good). All in all, a very good compilation - one that is worthy of a reissue on its own. Though even better would be separate albums from Sloe Gin and Flintsprint.

Priority: 3

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