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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nekropolis, Denmark

Nekropolis - Suite til Sommeren. 1976 Hookfarm.

Now back to the AC's pile of rarities. He informs us that Nekropolis is a "Danish rarity which clings to that whole "rural rock" oriented prog/psych/folk thing the Danish scene had going a few years earlier." Which is absolutely true about Denmark, and the whole thing-with-nature bit. At its best, Denmark produced the remarkable debut by Culpepper's Orchard, but even that band's second effort was a bit hard to get excited about. Midnight Sun and Day of Phoenix are a couple of other bands in this field, and each have excellent albums, and those that aren't so hot. From the obscurity front, probably the best one I can recall in this particular genre is Masala Dosa, which we featured about 3 years ago.

I would say that Nekropolis fall on the folk side of the genre. Pleasant music to sing around the campfire so as to keep the wolves away. It's vocal heavy (in Danish) and lacks any kind of solo instrumental arrangements, so there's little to grab onto here if you're programmed that way. Recommended to those that love that particular 1970s styled woodsy Scandinavian folk rock.

Priority: none

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