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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oakley, Germany

Oakley - Peculiar Autumn. 1978 Lava

The AC simply states on his latest entry: "German (from Hannover) symphonic prog, typical for the time but enjoyable nonetheless."

From an obscurity perspective, this may be near the top of this year's batch. I couldn't find much at all about this band on the internet. Even Dhope had more entries. Oakley seem to straddle the border between the more overt late 1970s German progressive bands such as Trilogy and Rousseau - and the Christian folky singalong types such as Eden and Credemus. Overall, it's a rather simplistic album for the progressive rock genre, but the melodies are a cut above the norm and the instrumentals are good if not a bit too straightforward. Some old time revival flute mixed in here and there as well. File under: Nice and harmless. Maybe not enough here to warrant a CD reissue, but worth a spin if you get a chance.

Priority: none

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