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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Touch, Germany

Touch - s/t. 1981 Cain

There are about 238 bands out there with the name Touch, so it should be noted this group is not related to any of them - including the other German TOuCH (Tom und Charlie) album we've already covered from my own vinyl collection. This is a title that's resided on my Curiosity List for some time now. Almost 3 years ago, my friend Heavyrock finally sourced a copy (after noting it from my list), but I haven't been back over to his pad since then to check it out. Heavyrock did say it was pretty good, and he's a fairly tough critic, so that was a good sign.

Leave it to The AC to come through once again. His comment was simply: "Strange little "supergroup" led by H.J. Putz (from the first Mythos album) and Zeus B. Held, and also featuring guys who had played with Pell Mell and Guru Guru. Blatant Genesis cloning. A bit poppy at times, but not bad. Hilariously awful cover art." 

Germany certainly had no shortage of bands influenced by Gabriel era Genesis in the late 70s and early 80s including Neuschwanstein, Ivory, Sirius, and a host of others. The populous nation had a head start on the burgeoning NWOBPR scene that was about to take hold in England. Unfortunately there was little market for progressive music in Germany at the time, and all the bands faded rather quickly. Touch features a violinist, and his fine playing recalls Hoelderlin's own Genesis phase ("Clowns and Clouds" specifically). The vocals do resemble the theatrical elements of Mr. Gabriel quite well. The instrumental work throughout is above standard, and I'm impressed with the overall production. The use of Moog sequencing is refreshing in this context. There is, as noted by The AC, a fair amount of commercial pandering - yet another harbinger of the ill-conceived "neo prog" aspect of the once promising NWOBPR movement. The compositions are diverse, and well thought out. Fans of early 80s Genesis inspired progressive music will love this one.

The instrumental work sells this one for me. So I give this a:

Priority: 3

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