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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Synthesax, Germany

Synthesax - Grundlos. 1981 Leico.

He Who Must Not Be Named strongly suggested I listen to his latest find, which he claims was found from someone in the CIA witness protection program and there was only one pressed or some such nonsense. Where does this guy come from anyway. "So let's get this straight: Band name is Synth Sax and it's from 1981?" I asked exasperated. Then I boldly stated "No thanks Shadowy Figure Who I Can't See. Out of my interest area". Then he starts talking about having CIA agents wandering around my house and office. "Could happen" he droned in his artificially treated voice. OK, OK, I give in. Jeesh.

Of course the album isn't a "Party Sax With Synthesizers" covering-your-favorite-tunes type of album. It was just an unfortunate choice of name for a band. Perhaps had they gone with Mörder Böse, it would have generated a bit more excitement out there. So it's obvious that my accusations are groundless (ehhh... look that last word up. In German).  

Synthesax are an instrumental group who play a fiery fusion with, yes, synthesizers and saxophone. As well as a very tight rhythm section, Fender Rhodes, and... some pretty mean electric guitar licks too. There are some really fine peak moments here when they get into the zone and rock out. The more introspective moments tend to drag and then I feel ready for a nap. And there is a little too much happy sax here for me (of course there is), but fans of the genre won't want to miss out on this one. I'm a borderline Priority 3 here, but will settle on:

Priority: none

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