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Monday, June 15, 2015

News: Akira Ishikawa & His Count Buffalos "African Rock " to be reissued in July!

Well, that was fast! Perhaps a new record for the CDRWL. We just featured this title back in April, thanks to the AC.

Special thanks goes to reader Bacoso (who runs the popular Orgy in Rhythm blog), who tipped us off that African Rock will be reissued July 29th! The Instagram feed he sent the blog was in Kanji, but it translates to: "[Deep Jazz Reality New] Finally on CD! Ishikawa Akira and count Buffalo's took a shot in the 1971 "African Rock". Suzuki Hiromasa, Kimio Mizutani, it is a masterpiece of Tribal Jazz rock participated Muraoka Ken-ra. July 29 release." A little bit of translation issues there at the end, but the main point is presented.


Barnaba "b-side" Siegel said...

Hi. I can't found any info about the album with this title and cover - is it the same as "Bakishinba - Memories Of Africa"?


Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Barnaba, I believe that to be a different album (from 1970). Here's one that sold a couple of years ago: http://www.popsike.com/AKIRA-ISHIKAWA-COUNT-BUFFALOS-AFRICAN-ROCK-JAPAN-FUNK-PSYCH-FUZZ/290844684756.html

Barnaba "b-side" Siegel said...

Strange, so few traces... I hope it will be a nice surprise and something totally unknown. If it turns out it's "Bakishinba" it would also be ok, only not the "Uganda" which is quite boring.


Anonymous said...

I bought this CD - it's quite good, but the reviews here and on the unencumbered music reviews blog led me to expect more of a nutzoid effort. Not that much fuzz guitar carnage, and a lot of it is quite mannered.