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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eight Day Clock, Australia

Eight Day Clock - Clockwork. 1976 RCA

And here's another one from the stack sent in from the AC. Eight Day Clock are a large scale horn rock band, right out of the 1970 playbook. So 1976 is way past the glory days of this scene. It almost seems like the Jackson 5ive TV show had just arrived in Sydney, and Blood Sweat and Tears was getting regular airplay on the local radio stations.

When evaluating horn rock bands, there are two types to consider: Vocal and Instrumental. This one definitely falls in the Vocal category. From there, is it soul based, or more pop sounding? Mainly the former. So that leaves the actual quality of the songwriting. Here I'd give them a C+. There are no monster tracks to call out like on The Gas Mask album for example. But it avoids the downer blues aspect of bands like Sod, Brut, Little John, or Chelsea Beige. Eight Day Clock are no Rodan or Brainchild that's for sure. The cover of The Doobie Brothers 'Listen to the Music' is most certainly a low point here. And the album as a whole peters out on the second side.

Overall, a pretty harmless 11 track run. There's some good horn charts here, and a few good sax/flute/brass/guitar solos to toe tap with. Reminds me quite a bit of the two Puzzle LPs (1973/1974 Motown). A pleasant album.

Priority: none


Anonymous said...

No comments for this yet im surprised what a pain in the ass the album is blogged anywhere. You have a good website however if nothing is avaliable for download then it is all one big tease. I had to contact the guitar player from Eight Day Clock he is gonna send along the album cant wait to hear it. I wish i knew how to post songs on the net for people. Youtube has only one track from the album.

Tom said...

The purpose of this website is to bring to light albums that are not on CD. Don't read the blog if you cannot handle that premise.