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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trilogy, England

Trilogy - Arctic Life (EP). 1982 private cassette.

This entry comes courtesy of our friend Head Duster who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the UK Festival scene of the 1980s (and was obviously a regular patron of the events). His website is a goldmine for those of us looking for rare cassettes from that scene. Most of the music falls outside of what we focus on here at the CDRWL (primarily dance/techno/reggae/punk/experimental), but it's a fascinating read all the same. And I make sure to visit the blog monthly. We'll have a full Oroonies feature eventually (I have only a couple of albums up now), and I owe him for most of the material I'll be presenting.

So it's odd that I'm introducing his site via a music group that has nothing to do with the Festival scene. Rather, Trilogy were part of a slightly earlier movement known as the New Wave of British Progressive Rock. As you all know, the CDRWL is a big fan of that genre - perhaps because it was the first one I personally grew up with in regards to progressive music. I was already a veteran of the NWOBHM scene, and that was where I cut my teeth on collecting rare imports as a young high school lad. As I was beginning to learn about 70's progressive music, it was refreshing to know that new bands were emerging in that style. Not only that,  but I did manage to get to London for a week in 1984, which helped solidify my position. So I do tend to be nostalgic about it all.

Trilogy were, as you might suspect, a trio that also happened to feature quite a bit of keyboards. When the keyboards are active, I am reminded indeed of many of the bands from the early 80s period such as Twelfth Night and Pallas. But the guitarist plays a double neck guitar - and you have to know exactly where I'm going here. Correct... Rush. As in "Moving Pictures" Rush. Tightly wound, non-sprawling Rush. And I love it. Rush meets Pendragon? OK  - works for me! Obviously the production quality is lacking, but it's a homemade cassette - what can you possibly expect?

The cassette is a 4 track EP, so of course that alone doesn't warrant a CD. But if they have other studio material, or soundboard live stuff - then it surely would be of interest to many I think. Heck, if Tamarisk can do it, then any other obscurity from that time and place can! Perhaps they could reform for a full effort as well? Why not - they probably haven't been asked to do so in nearly 30 years.

Priority: 3

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