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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Red Summer, England

Red Summer - Release. 1982 Rimshot

So let's start our 2013 rarities session here - a nice modest release to get things going. This one came as a recommendation from our friend Tristan Stefan over at ProgNotFrog, where he also posted the album for awhile (not sure if it's still up). Tristan has also provided an insightful review, so it's worth clicking the link above for that alone.

I think Tristan's reference to Mike Oldfield is very much spot on, especially considering he still had one masterwork left in him, with the brilliant "Amarok" still 8 years away from Red Summer's album. And there are some parallels to that future work here. There's also some twee Anthony Phillips styled moments interspersed throughout on the shorter numbers.

Though Red Summer are a duo, they manage to pack in quite a few ideas per track. And it's just this setup that also reminded me of Jade Warrior's "Horizen" album, also from the 1980s. Jade Warrior always managed to feature a big sound from a small lineup. And there is that distinct world music edge that pops up now and again, further solidifying the comparison.

Perhaps most startling is the opening title track, that had me at first thinking I may have the wrong disc in the changer. Why? Well, it sounded so very French, that's why. Like a long lost Richard Pinhas tape circa "L'Ethique". There's also some of that good ole fashioned handmade, basement styled NDW electronik German sound prevalent as well. Unusually loud and psychedelic guitars pop out of nowhere on "Release", and are completely incongruous with most anything else going on in England during this era.

Fascinating album that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Priority: 3

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