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Monday, September 23, 2013

Indiscreet, Germany

Indiscreet - Difficult to Contribute Silence. 1985 Nabel.

Perhaps the great irony of this post is that it's the next entry from He Who Must Not Be Named. If anything HWMNBN is discreet. So discreet in fact, he tells me of fantastical tales of providing only the finest young ladies for oil rich sheik's in Dubai. I dunno, sounds far fetched to me but...

Indiscreet are a German band who are clearly a product of the middle 80s, when no one, and I mean absolutely no one, was going 1970s retro. Everyone had to have a modern, cold, and clinical sound. Belew-era King Crimson is of course the blueprint here. But I was reminded perhaps even more of Michigan's Inserts, especially in the sense of open space the band operates in. This has more of a jazz angle rather than rock, and is on the margins of the scope of the list. Some of the alto and soprano sax playing here is as annoying as it can possibly get. A lot of the free improvisational stuff on here does not work, and is truly dull, if not downright teeth gnashing. Indiscreet are at their best in full ensemble mode, especially when the violin is present.

(Our friend Tristan Stefan just alerted me that this album has been posted on Prog Not Frog this past June. I'd received this CD-R earlier in the year from HWMNBN, and didn't realize it had been posted since then. So you all can hear it as well, presuming the link is still active. Enjoy!)

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