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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Frank Pisani, USA

Frank Pisani - Sky. 1977 Dellwood.

Time to get The AC into the mix. And here's his first entry for the 2013 CDRWL Rarity Series. It was born out of a conversation based on my initial release of the Midwest progressive rock list I published this summer.

Dellwood is one of a handful of "tax scam" labels that proliferated in the USA during the late 1970s, which as we discussed before, was basically an IRS loophole that was exploited (of course it was) for a few years before being finally sealed up (which created new loopholes - akin to trying to trap water in your hand). I have other insights on this topic, via the legit CD reissue of Zoldar and Clark on my UMR site. Zoldar and Clark, incidentally, was also on the dubious Dellwood label.

So who the heck is Frank Pisani? No idea. Just some schmuck from Chicago we are lead to believe. It's presumed to be the same Frank Pisani that has (had) a music and comedy act. But in 1977 he wasn't clowning about, but rather getting down to the serious business of releasing commercially accessible music for FM radio. BUT, in what seems to be a unique 1970s Midwest American trait, he was throwing in plenty of complicated progressive ideas and measures. As if to ensure to himself that, at the very least - YES - I am a serious musician. For that alone, Frank, the record companies will ignore you. Duh. As Dave Stewart of National Health (and other groups of course) once famously said about music executives: "We don't want music to get in the way of a Top 10 hit!" And so a desolate Frank sent in his tapes through some esteemed and academic music magazine like Creem or Circus, had his demos pressed up for a tax dodge label, and received absolutely nothing in return. And he probably never even knew the album came out. In fact, it's entirely possible he will learn right here on the CDRWL - some 35+ years later. It's actually happened before...

If you blindfolded me, and then asked me to name the time and place - I'd say Midwest 1977. Seriously. Such a bulls-eye for the entire insane genre. As I state in the premise for the list: "In the 1970s, within the American Midwest and Ontario, there existed a fascinating subculture that was distinctly their own - and this phenomena was sharply expressed in the music of the region. It was here in the early 1970s that unmitigated FM radio ruled supreme, and countless Baby Boomers checked in each night to hear some of the wild music coming from Europe during this time (especially in England). Yes and ELP were an enormous influence in the region, as was the relatively obscure Gentle Giant. Certainly Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator had their disciples as well."

Jamming Hammond, loud electric guitar, high energy rhythms, rough and bluesy but-oh-so-sincere vocals, and.... cowbell. Yea, there's a little too much crooning at times, and there's that always present party-time Grand Funk Railroad sound, but that only adds to the vibe. Man, this is just a heck of a lot of fun. Probably ties closest to the Canadian band Dillinger, though I hear serious references to classic Kansas as well. And how about that cover? The marketing department worked overtime on that obviously. "Here's a sheet of Engineering Graphics paper. Make it work." Ya know, minimum wage didn't get you much in 1977 either.

Obviously, I'm a fanboy for this stuff, so take my fanaticism with a grain of salt. But I want to see this on CD anyway (uh, I mean legit there pirate boy - don't want a bootleg of a bootleg - dig?). Probably would move 10 copies, including free promos. And people wonder why I don't get into this business...

Priority: 2

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