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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bellvista, USA

Bellvista - The Painter. 1982 En Route Records

Next up from the AC's latest expose. This one impressed me enough, that I went ahead and secured the LP right away. The AC says: "Boston area fusion band's only LP, and it's a good one. Intelligent compositions with plenty of nice keyboard and guitar work. The electric guitar soloing in particular gives a nicely contrasting aggressive edge to the mostly melodic proceedings, going into full-on psychedelic mode on the lengthy final track. Recommended to genre fans. Guitarist Peter Calo released a solo album on the same label the following year, but much of it is more pop/vocal oriented."

No doubt The Painter is "of the era", with its sunny disposition, and proto smooth jazz sounds. The opener 'Once Upon a Fantasy' displays there might be more to this than a tropical vacation, as guitarist Peter Calo turns up the fuzz a bit. From there it's a bit of cruise ship lounging, and perhaps even a little acoustic light world music via the Steve Tibbetts channel. All of that is well and good, but do we get that payoff track? Oh yes, we DO! And as the AC notes, it's the finale title track that delivers it - a blistering 9 minute psychedelic guitar fronted fusion number that is guaranteed to have you digging through collection looking for your Love Devotion Surrender album. Well, no Larry Young on organ of course, and cheesy period synthesizers are in full force instead. But for 1982, that ain't bad right?

Priority: 3

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