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Friday, May 22, 2015

Natdamperen, Denmark

Natdamperen - s/t. 1975 Abel

This one came up on the CD-R revisit project last night. I only had a rating for it, but no notes nor was it in the main CDRWL. So I remedied that...

Ugh. What a mess of an album. Some of it is horrific, and some of it is sublime. Perfect for an archival release, as long as I get to choose the tracks of course....

Let's start out positive: 'Cabana In' and 'Cabana Out' could have easily been on an Embryo album from this era, with its deep jazz funk groove and wah wah guitar providing the base.

Then there's the band's lengthy namesake track - straight from Furtive Pearl era Secret Oyster, with blistering bumble bee guitar, fuzzed out Rhodes piano, and especially the blotted sax layered on top of it all.

And now it's time for the.... BAD. The album opens with the incredibly insipid 'Lille', which sounds like a cross between television advertising music and The Benny Hill Show. This obnoxious sound is carried further on the tracks 'På gaden' and 'Malstrømmen'. 'Kniven' is a smooth jazz throwaway, whereas the closer sounds like a drunken requiem composed for a wake.

Mixed bag here, so proceed with caution. But 17 minutes of high quality jazz rock music that just can't be ignored.

Priority: none
It should be noted that Natdamperen went on to release two other albums, but with one of them named Boogieman Eats Frikadeller, and considering the above review, I think I can pass unless someone convinces me different.

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