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Monday, January 11, 2010

Iris, France

Iris - Litanies. 1972 Sonopresse Connection.

Major label French pop/psych/le progressif. With cool organs, blistering fuzz, and Carnaby Street harmony vocals, Iris fools absolutely no one in trying to make the Hit Parade. But, this being French and all, it still sounds delicious, and references to other like minded crossover acts such as Alice's "Arretez Le Monde", MOTUS and Atoll's "Musiciens-Magiciens" would not be entirely out of line. Beautiful lilac cover art.

Priority: 3


strawbsfan said...

A rather fine album. Alain Carbonare went on to Machin (a french folk band that supported Hubert Felix Thiefaine) and Wurtemberg. He is now a renowned luthier and created instruments for Menuhin and Rostropovitch among others.

Purple Peak Records said...

Interesting followup notes - Thanks SF!