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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

News: Esoteric Jan & Feb 2010 releases

From Vicky Powell:

Cave of Clear Light -3Cd Pye and Dawn anthology with fab artwork. This was originally going to be a project by Mark for Universal in the same series as legend of A Mind, Spirit of Joy etc and is to the same standard with the usual clamshell box.

PFM-2 CD anthology-River of Life (Manticore Years) with some unreleased—track listing etc on website and also on Amazon

Pekka Pojhola-The Mathematicians Air Display
Pekka Pojhola-B The Magpie
Wigwam-Nuclear Nightclub
Wigwam-The Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose
Jackson heights-The Fifth Avenue Bus
Jackson heights-Ragamuffins Fool
Jackson heights-Bump N Grind

Feb titles as follows

Crazy World of Arthur Brown—needs no introduction, fab remastered reissue(2CD) with a whole Cd of bonus material and a Phil Smee extravaganza on the artwork

Hawkwind –Sonic Attack (atomhenge) 2CD with wealth of bonus material
Arthur Brown and Kingdom Come-Galactic Zoo Dossier—plus bonus material.
Ken Hensley-Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf
Ken Hensley-Eager to Please
Hawkwind-(Atomhenge) Alien 4
Ramases-Glass Top Coffin
Wigwam-Live Music from the Twilight Zone"

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