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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vildkaktus, Sweden

Vildkaktus - Tidsmaskinen. 1970 MNW.
Vildkaktus - Vindarnas Vagar. 1971 Polydor.
Vildkaktus - Natten. 1973 Ljudspår.

The first two albums are like a Swedish Crosby Stills and Nash, especially around CSN's debut. Which means some jazzy sections, that adds flavor to an otherwise bland dish. Also some peppy Yes-like progressions circa "Time and a Word". Lyrics in Swedish add an exotic vibe (for us English speakers anyway). Nice album cover on "Vindarnas Vagar". A couple of swell albums here. I haven't heard "Natten", but gather it's similar.

Priority: none

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