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Thursday, June 10, 2010

News: Gunter Schickert's "Samtvogel" to be reissued soon?

In what has otherwise been a real slow year for reissue news, it was great to see this comment from reader Achim in my last posting for the Francisco album. Schickert's "Samtvogel" is one of the last of the "biggees" to yet see a CD reissue. Important Records is the chosen label for the CD (Wah Wah for LP). Important doesn't usually get involved with reissues, and there isn't any details on their website (nor Wah Wah's), but since the gentleman behind the band Holy Sons is directly involved, I'm excited to see this news!

More info here and here


Anonymous said...

Hi again!

At least Wah Wah has officially announced this release! See:


There are also some online shops that list the LP as available soon, e.g.




Meidad said...

WOW, these are GREAT NEWS!!! I love G.S second album which came out on GTR label.

When will this be out?

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Meidad, No date has been given, though the Wah Wah LP reissue is now out. So it shouldn't be long.

Eric said...


Important Records has announced that "Samtvogel" will be out on cd in April:



Purple Peak Records said...

Excellent - thanks Eric for letting me know!