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Sunday, October 24, 2010

News: Grannie album to come out on Wooden Hill

About once a year we learn of one new CD reissue from Wooden Hill, Tenth Planet's sub-label for more progressive albums. Last year it was the wonderful Dear Mr. Time. This year it's Grannie, a pretty raw hard rock album from 1971 that was reissued by Shadoks on LP a few years ago. Wooden Hill do quality reissues and I'm sure we'll learn about the full history of the band. Thanks to Eric at Glorydaze Music for the heads up!

Label says: "One of the least heard, but most beguiling albums to emerge from the British progressive rock era, the sole, self-titled LP by East London band Grannie was recorded at a demo studio in late 1971 and then issued on vinyl in a total pressing of just 99 copies. Feverishly sought-after by genre aficionados since its belated discovery in the early 1990s (Record Collector magazine recently included it in their list of the 100 Most Valuable Records of All Time), Grannie now gains its first-ever official reissue. With quotes from drummer John Clark and keyboardist John Stevenson that tell the story of both band and album for the first time, this is the definitive release of one of the most valuable jewels of the early 1970s British progressive rock scene."

(12/22/10 update: I just listened to this album for the first time in a long while, and it's more progressive than I remembered, especially the last track. I have not heard the Wooden Hill CD version however. And if you view the comments, there's a dispute concerning the legality of it. I'm not choosing sides here. Wooden Hill has proven to be a reliable label in the past, and I do know it can be tough to unravel all the contracts/contacts/tapes, etc.., especially 40 years later. But I will continue to publish the comments. I just hope it gets resolved to the satisfaction of all.)


Anonymous said...

How can Wooden Hill reissue an album which was never on public release without any official permission. I was involved in the original recording and band.John Stevenson was a session player on organ just for the last track Coloured Armageddon and was not a a member of the band and John Clark was the drummer with little creative input on this album.(he left soon after) Grannie carried on with different line ups beyond this.The full story will be told soon. In the meantime the real Official reissue will not take place until the person with the master tape..thats me..releases it.

Purple Peak Records said...


Please identify yourself. Otherwise, there is no credibility to the source of your remarks.

Wooden Hill has proven to be a legit label in the past (and I will presume they are operating on good faith here). Barring any obvious data, I do not take sides in these matters - but will be happy to pass along your comments if you properly identify who you are.

How about the Shadoks LP? Was that legit in your opinion?

- Tom

Anonymous said...

I was Phil Newton's(who wrote all the songs on the album) brother in law. My sister played flute on the album but also sang and played mellotron in the band. The whole grannie album story has been quite amazing but although bootlegs cannot be stopped..these recordings are infringments of copyright.Even if Phil is no longer with us..his wife at the time is the legal owner of the material.We seek no monetary gain but somebody is making out of this and it needs to be put right.The story has to properly told.We will properly remaster the original and have a website and album produced. John Clark and Stevie as Stevenson was known then do not have the full facts they could remeber who my sister was or that she paid for the session,Phil borrowed my amp and I stuck down every single pic on those album sleeves with cow gum. You dont need to know MY name just that the real people are on the case. Watch out for more info. Shadock is not legit..none of them have been mastered from the original.

Keith said...

I too have been concerned over the legitimacy of these releases.
I was attempting to contact Phil when I found out what had happened to him.
If you are who you say you are you may be able to provide some information that I was after.I am hoping you or your sister will remember me(it has been 30+ years).
E-mail me with the answer to the following if possible to prove who you are .What is the last track on the tape dated 13/11/1977 ?

roadiekeith at btinternet.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Keith, my sister's email address is newtonlondon@aol.com, she says she would be pleased to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

I'm keen to know more about the band members and sad to hear Phil is nolonger with us however Janet I hope you are well along with Dave the bass player and Scotty John the drummer. I remember the day like yesterday and being driven to the studio in a VW Beatle. A very memorable day spent with some remarkable and talented people. I do hope the remaining members are well, my best regards to you all, Fred lead singer.

m.newton said...

Hi there my name is Morgan newton and i am the son of the late Phil newton who wrote all the songs on this album, i was never aware of it being reissued, i would much appreciate it if D.mowat would kindly give me some information about it as ive been trying to track down information about grannie for a while now and had no joy

premium.ryan said...

What has come of this? I have been looking for a legit/quality version of this album for quite some time but I am not sure if one exists...