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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sapo, USA

Sapo - s/t. 1974 Bell.

Smokin' Latin rock with guitar, organ and horns. Not top tier like Santana, Chango or Dakila, but certainly at the next level like early Malo and Macondo. If you're a fan of the style (like me), then this is one you'll want to pursue.

Priority: 3


Rob said...

Hey Tom, this is indeed a cool LP. But, there's something I've been wondering about this one. It's that the vocalist sounds almost EXACTLY like the guy from Rodan! I mean, to me at least it's almost uncanny. There's even some musical similarities, at least on the tracks that have more of a horn presence. I think both bands were from California, and both albums came out the same year. I only have a CD-R of the Rodan, so I can't compare the lineups. Do you know of any connection here?

Oh, and if you don't mind I have one other question for you. The Spaces "Border Station" LP you recently featured looks really cool to me, and I'd like to find a copy. But, I can't seem to find any mention of it online aside from you. The generic title doesn't make the search any easier, either. I am finding many copies of an album by a band also named Spaces, also from 1981 and also listed as "jazz" in most descriptions. The thing is, it's on Arista and has a different cover (although also very "disco" looking). I'm assuming this is a totally different group, but it's kind of confusing. Can you give me any other details on the LP you have, like where the group or label might have been from so I can have a better idea of where to look?

Okay, sorry for the long message and thanks for any info you might be able to give me!

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Rob, Some very interesting observations there. I'm not going to be much help at this point I'm afraid. I don't own any of the LPs in question. Rodan and Sapo are in possession of a local friend here in DFW. What I know about Rodan is from the Digital Cellars website.


"MAX (a.k.a. RODAN) was a high-energy rock/jazz/funk fusion outfit active during the early/mid-1970s.

The band gigged extensively throughout California, and toured with bands such as Tower of Power and MALO.

MAX had label interest, although a deal never panned out. Shortly before disbanding in 1974, they released an album under the name "RODAN" on the private label Pandora. Limited to a couple hundred copies, this underground collectible has fetched several hundred dollars amongst avid horn-rock fans. "

I keep hoping they will indeed reissue this album!

As for the Spaces - best I can tell it's definitely not the album on Arista. I received this CD-R from my friend Mike who resides in the Midwest. I'll ask him for more. I found the photo in an old ebay auction.

Look in this space for an update.

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Rob - Spaces Border Station entry updated.