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Friday, October 22, 2010

News: Tamarisk albums coming soon?

According to a post from one of the band members on the NWOBPR Yahoo Group, it appears we may be getting the Tamarisk cassettes and other archive material on CD. No release date or anything, but great news for classic early 80s UK "neo prog" fans (like me).

We featured them way back when.


apps79 said...

That would be a monumental release,especially if archive material is presented!

apps79 said...

...and one question Tom...is this blog http://nwobpr.blogspot.com/ ever gonna start?
I would like to see some obscure early 80's British prog been presented to the public.

Waiting for your response.

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi Apps79!

At this point I'm not sure about NWOBPR. I had a good start and put in about 8 entries. I haven't published anything, as you can tell. I'm not sure I have enough obscurities to make it worth it. I like to have unique content. Plenty of great sites already! At this point, it'll probably all end up under the UMR site.

Thanks for asking!

- Tom

apps79 said...

Sad to see this :-(

I love this early 80's raw sound of UK.Here is a great space with plenty of these obscurities if interested:


All the best!