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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Terraced Garden, Canada

Terraced Garden - Melody and Menace. 1982 Doggerel
Terraced Garden - Braille. 1984 Doggerel
Terraced Garden - Within. 1988 Doggerel

Melody and Menace review moved to UMR

The other 2 titles are definitely geared more towards 80s styled commercial rock, though each have their moments.

Priority: 2 (for Melody and Menace)


Anonymous said...

I have only heard "within" but I think it's a great album in need of reissue. These guys are different and unique without trying to be. Maybe a mirror image of classic Crimson - instead of whole albums of "Pictures of a City", "The Devil's Triangle", "Cirkus" and "Battle of Glass Tears" interspersed with the occasional "Cadence and Cascade" and "Lady of the Dancing Water", Terraced Garden's "Within" album is heavy on melodic songs (with more teeth than CAC or LOTDW)but still featuring the occasional Crimson-like raveup.

Purple Peak Records said...

Anon - Good insights. Thanks for the comment!