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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Other Music, USA

Other Music - Prime Numbers. 1980 Nth Degree.
Other Music - Incidents Out of Context. 1983 Flying Fish.

In 1998, yours truly had a 4 month long-term consulting engagement in Manhattan (during the late spring / early summer no less). The gig was in Soho on the edge of Greenwich Village and my hotel was in Chinatown / Little Italy. Not only did I eat like a king, but at least once a week I'd work off the meal by taking a brisk 20-25 minute walk up Lafayette to Other Music, one of the great "hipster" stores that featured all kinds of our style of music. I have often wondered if they arrived at the store name via this San Francisco based group - an album they most assuredly would have found in a $1 bin somewhere during the 1980s or early 90s (as I did).

This is the second and last Flying Fish band I plan to feature (the other was Orchestra of the 8th Day). I would not be surprised to find out there were other relevant-to-this-list titles on the label.

To date I haven't heard "Prime Numbers", but "Incidents Out of Context" is a fine example of what we now call avant progressive. A mix of systems electronic music, far eastern ethnic scales and instruments, unusual percussion, classical chamber music and.... fuzz bass. This latter element just slays me every time, especially in this context (so to speak). Anyway, I'm not doing the music any justice at all, as it's entirely unique and pretty far from my expertise. But well within scope too. If this sounds cool, it's because it is. One of a kind.

More info with a few free downloads here.

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