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Monday, March 14, 2011

Zebulon, Germany

Zebulon - s/t. 1980 Pollux Produktion.

And yet another rarity sent in by The Alaskan Connection, that I was unaware of. Sometimes it's hard to imagine, after all these years, that something this good is still a complete unknown. With Kennlisch and Passenger, I can understand their obscurity. Zebulon I can't.

What we have here is the type of album we wish all private symphonic rock albums to be. Not long ago, we featured a band called Profil and their album "For You". Zebulon reminded me of that album, though this is much more keyboard driven than the purely guitar oriented Profil. Zebulon has a positive energy, with many hooks and changes, and plenty of fiery solos. At any one time while listening to this, I was reminded of other German bands such as Tonic, Trilogy, Rousseau, Prosper and maybe even the first Amenophis album. Probably the only weakness is the choice of keyboards / synthesizers that are employed - generally of the cheap and tinny variety. It's a small complaint with music this good. The AC comments "This one is straight-up excellent instrumental prog, with a few fusion touches thrown in for good measure. I really enjoy this album, and it seems almost totally unknown." Overall, a superb instrumental progressive rock album.

It's always exciting to learn of albums like this. This would be a PERFECT reissue for Garden of Delights.

Thanks again AC!

Priority: 2

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