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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Floyd Hunchback Group, Switzerland

Floyd Hunchback Group - s/t. 1978 Sunrise.

Yet another obscure Swiss band to feature. My first couple of listens last summer didn't convince me to list it separately. As I hear this again after about a 9 month break, I think it crosses the line into what I tend to enjoy. In fact, this is one I'd like to have on CD for myself, thus I bumped it up to a priority 3.

Floyd Hunchback Group is a tough album to describe. You can tell they're jazzers, and the typical late 70's fusion elements are all out in force (Rhodes, sax, funky bass). But they have this mean streak too, and some of the gymnastic rhythms, coupled with Moog and guitar solos, point to a love for complex instrumental progressive rock. The drumming is quite exceptional. Strangely I'm hearing more of a mid 70's Eastern European sound here, as found in bands like Fermata or SBB.

Priority: 3

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scannapiecoro said...

is a god musik progressiv rock i have lp vinyl