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Friday, April 8, 2011

News: BTF reissues Robert Genco's "Beyond the Life (Oltre la Vita)"

Midwest Mike wrote in this week to let me know about this title, which I hadn't heard of prior. BTF says this about it:

"1977: was the year in which Italian Progressive Rock was closing its vital cycle, tough there were still two masterpieces of its kind to be released: one is the famous Locanda delle Fate, while the second and was left for too long in the vaults, as it has never been reissued for almost 40 years: we talk of Robert Genco’s “Beyond the life”. Given that the drummer Robert Genco must not be confused with Robert
Genco of 'Genco Puro and co, "Beyond the Life is a wonderful prog rock album, where the drummer blends Italian prog, with an ultra-sophisticated jazz-rock. The influences are kaleidoscopic, with the opening track (Angoscia) that runs through the streets of jazz prog at its best: James Senese and Napoli Centrale, Osanna, but also Perigeo. The title track " Beyond the Life” could almost be described as a tribute to the PFM, while" All recomposes "is prog rock close to Yes and Genesis. The B side is a long suite which summarizes the influences cited before, by adding flavors of Chick Corea, Dedalus, Canzoniere del Lazio, but with an extremely progressive drumming. A gem of rare beauty, finally rediscovered!

Paperlseeve package with extended liner notes. With two bonus tracks!"

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