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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Regressive Aid, USA

Regressive Aid – Why Settle For Less When You Can Regress? 1981 Rhesus
Regressive Aid – Effects on Exposed People. 1983 Rhesus

Special thanks goes to Lady Gnosis for turning me onto this unknown progressive rock group from New Jersey.

Back in February we featured a Japanese band called Nishin, and Regressive Aid reminds me quite a bit of their album "Dai Dai". The early 80's sound is very apparent here, from the use of digital technology to the fast punkish pace of the music. There's no mistaking the "Discipline" era Crimson influence, though Regressive Aid appears to have drawn the same conclusion as Fripp rather than just following the master. The EP, which is just over 10 minutes long (4 songs), is pretty rough sounding. By the time of Effects, itself a very short album clocking in just under 30 minutes, the Crimson influence is more apparent and the production values are of a high quality. Another group that came along later, but also reminds me of Regressive Aid, is the Virginia-based Famous Actors From Out of Town.

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Anonymous said...


Traductor said...

I saw Regressive Aid live in Jersey several times. I love the records, but they do not do justice to a band that was surely one of the best I have ever heard. Andrew Weiss and Sim Cain went on to play with the Rollins Band, Gone, Ween, and a bunch of others, but to me they never topped this early peak.

Tom said...

Thanks for the comments and insights Traductor!