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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sangi, Italy

Sangi - s/t. 1978 Sun Records.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a whole new slew of rarities from The Alaskan Connection. A couple of these have been on my want list forever. So I'm very grateful to him for these great shares.

Today's entry is one I'd never heard of prior, and fits comfortably in the late 1970s fusion suitcase. Like some other recent entries, this would normally fall out the CDRWL featured entry scope and is better fitted for the Original main list. But given its rarity, and that many of my readers are dedicated fusion collectors, I think it's worth posting separately. I received a handful of positive notes for my Genre (New Mexico) entry, so that was encouraging to me as well.

The Sangi album is a very pleasant fusion album, with a noticeable late 70s cruise ship / tropical feel. Exquisitely played and produced. As the AC says "I think part of the appeal of this one is the excellent sound quality, especially for such an obscure small label release. I doubt anyone could make an album that has quite this kind of production nowadays." And it's true. For such a small label private production, the rich full sound here is amazing.

He goes on to mention "You might hear this and think "just another funky fusion album", but to me it just sounds SO good. Anyway, musically it's nothing original as I said, but I just think the execution and presentation are perfect, which really makes it for me." Haha - he knows me too well! I'm sure I'm way too dismissive of these kind of albums, especially to the fans of the style, but I don't mean to be. So forgive me on that front. I admit to loving rougher sounding music, but I really do enjoy hearing these, even if it's not my main focus.

Finally, the AC notes "The other interesting thing is that there's a cameo appearance by Lucio Fabbri of PFM."

Thanks again AC!

Priority: none

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