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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Avel Nevez, France

Avel Nevez - La Belle De Josselin. 1978 Arfolk.
Avel Nevez - Service Compris. 1980 Arfolk.

There's a fine line between electric folk rock and folk influenced progressive rock. With Brittany, the majority of the bands are the former. Avel Nevez, on "Service Compris" at least, is probably the most clear example of the latter at least from this French region. There's no mistaking the patriotism and indigenous melodies that define the Breton area (the regional map in the trashcan says all you need to know politically). However, the guitar and in particular, the synthesizer work points to a deep 1970's knowledge of French and UK progressive rock. If you're familiar with the mid 90's band Kadwaladyr, then Avel Nevez is probably closest in sound to that high spirited bunch.

I haven't heard the first album, though it's my understanding that it's much more folk inspired.

Priority: 2


bas said...

Great, another one to add to my Breton folk/prog wishlist. This whole scene is criminally underrepresented on CD. Perhaps Elkar could open a Breton branch :)

Tom said...

Good suggestion Bas! And you're right, so much is missing on CD from Brittany. I have others from there that are in the main list, but I didn't feature separately.

Thanks for the comment.

- Tom