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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pat Cool, Netherlands

Pat Cool - Daybreak. 1973 Delta.

While surfing the net one evening many years ago, I ran into a nice website that is basically a Dutch Progressive Rock Encyclopedia. They had my review of Avalanche up (and I'm always fine with that as long as they give proper credit - which they do - though they have the wrong website. Prognosis is another site (and excellent I might add)). The site is still up and well worth your time to review.

I was familiar with most if not all the bands there, save one. And that would be Pat Cool of course. I saw their description: "The music is a sort of jazzy, keyboard orientated progressive rock." And then I saw it was on the same label as the superb Banzai album. Oh, I had to have this! Further they added the following outside review: "Pat Cool makes jazzy, keyboard oriented progressive rock. The music is not very complex and the voice of Gé Titulaer is very prominent also. The opening track When someday has a nice easy going feeling over it. It culminates in a excellent recorder solo. The second track is very jazzy, poppy song. The third track was written after the 1972 Olympic games in Munich. It starts with a nice flute and also has a great organ sound. This is probably the best track on the album. The title track is a short poppy track and not very interesting. I wish is mainly based around a bass riff. It does have that good old Hammond organ again. The last track is a very slow song."

All of this sounded good to me, so I found a copy on ebay a few years ago. Musically, the album is as described above - a slightly jazz influenced progressive rock. Very much from the Dutch school. But the above quote "and the voice of Gé Titulaer is very prominent also" would have to rank as one of the all-time great understatements. It's quite apparent to me that he was trying very hard to emulate one Tom Jones - and well... hmmm.... maybe not the most successful try out there. So I'll offer another great understatement: His voice is an acquired taste. And scary to say, I think I'm falling into that camp. So, in the end, a very solid Dutch progressive rock album, with pop and jazz overtones - and an overbearing voice. Sound good? Probably not. But it is strangely enough.

Priority: 3

The cover shown has been slightly cropped from the original. There's a slim white border around the album.

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