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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Proteus, USA

Proteus - Infinite Change. 1981 Proteus International Records.

I remember when my old friend Michael Piper (RIP) first unearthed sealed copies of this album in the mid 90s. I promptly plunked down for my own copy and never regretted it.

Proteus are a Chicago based fusion group, not too far in style from another Windy City favorite that we recently featured: Streetdancer. The highlight is the constant and fiery guitar work, and the compositions are more geared towards progressive rock than slick fusion. Side 1 is flat out awesome, whereas the other side begins to add the dreaded funky chicken components that were all too common for the era. Still, we're never too far away from another blazing guitar solo, and all is right again. An excellent album that is a must for fusion and instrumental progressive rock fans.

Priority: 2

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