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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bahamas, France

Bahamas – Le Voyageur Immobile. 1976 Motors.

Song based progressive pop music sung in French. Relatively harmless, but does feature a few truly inspired progressions hidden within the commercial attempts. Nice organ and bluesy guitar leads are interspersed throughout. Not dissimilar to how the US groups operated in the mid to late 70s. Or perhaps one can be forgiven thinking of this album as a French Alan Parsons Project. Features a beautiful gatefold cover.

Priority: 3


strawbsfan said...

Still interesting sounds out of this one in my mind. These guys (Batard, Rizzitelli, Perrier) were very talented session musicians playing back up for some cult artists like Jarre, Christophe, Manset or Bashung. They went on to create Space Art who recorded three albums (one not released on CD yet).

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi SF,

Yep - definitely some good moments on here. I didn't realize the Space Art connection! I wasn't a big fan of their albums either. Didn't realize one wasn't on CD!

Thanks for the comment as always.

- Tom

isabelbc said...


Purple Peak Records said...

On further reflection - I think I'm more in line with SF on this one. And have since repurchased the original LP!