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Monday, January 23, 2012

News: Musicbazz to reissue both Pete & Royce albums

And here's the first announcement from Musicbazz. I haven't heard the Pete & Royce (Greece) albums in ages, so I had them in the main list for a revisit. But I'll just buy the CD now! Spyros tells us: "The debut release, already pressed with only covers still pending, is the first two PETE & ROYCE albums on a single disk. Licensed directly from the band’s leader Panos Tsiros and mastered by their original keyboardist Nick Ghinos who is a professional studio owner."

Suffering of Tomorrow (1980)
Days of Destruction (1981)

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Anonymous said...


“This amazing reprint of our two first albums is dedicated to you, all the new and old friends of Pete & Royce, with gratitude and respect” Panagiotis “Pete” Tsiros, January 2012

Absence is not the matrix of gloriousness. Uniqueness is. And this is exactly the case with the cult Greek band Pete & Royce and their sought after trippy “spaced out” rock saga. The best progressive rock band in Greece (of any era) and one of the top ones globally (of any era), three decades after its disappearance, is “back” to prove at least that the idiosyncratic and intuitive street forms of beauty live forever. Probably this is the proper time warp for lost heroes like Pete & Royce to jump out of the cosmic oblivion and definitely prove the indisputable reality that sparks in the core of their glorious mythological status or, simply, to confirm their oracles for today! Finally, the two DIY, pioneer-spirited and rare as hen’s teeth LPs of Pete & Royce, “Suffering of Tomorrow” (1980, their absolute masterpiece) and “Days of Destruction” (1981, an arc of their most appealing songwriting uplifted to Pink-Floydian quality levels), both self-financed and strictly limited PRIVATE editions, are now legally available side by side in a very carefully produced CD (the first ever international edition, authorized by Panagiotis “Pete” Tsiros himself, the mighty leader of Pete & Royce). This digital time-capsule is tenderly mastered to preserve in detail and without any kind of “corrections” the original vinyl sound, to enjoy these one-off songs (raw enough but juicy and really genius achievements, all recorded during a handful of over-busy, low-rent and exhaustedly empathic nights!), this advanced rock art of the breathless workouts Pete (Tsiros) and the Royce gave away “instantly”, without even imagining that their fiery complex oeuvre was meant to be a (sometimes sharp, sometimes dreamy) example of a fight against phoniness and compromise.
Christos Tsanakas, Executive Producer