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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Le Grand Nebuleux, France

Le Grand Nébuleux Et Ses Laveurs De Consciences - Les Pirates du Cortex. 1978 Hocco Mitu.

Interesting and complex jazz rock album with some freer structures. It tends to get a bit shrieky in the sax department and the compositions stray towards the unhinged. But that's not to say their aren't some stellar moments as well. Rhythm section is super tight, and the guitar playing sometimes has an acidic tone, which is more than welcome. Best track, and at complete odds with the rest of the material, is a mellow hand-percussion / flute piece with quirky French voices. Had the album been more composed and less improvised, it would've been a monster. As it stands, it's still quite good.

Priority: none

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